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Kapap Argentina - Certificacion De Instructores Nivel II

The company is lead by Eyal Goldshten

Eyal Goldshten

Served as a warrior in the IDF special unit. since then working around the world
as an instructor of tactical warfare for special units and civilian.
sworded weapons collector.
A martial arts expert, Dahn V rank in Aiki Kenpo Ju jutsu and experienced in KAPAP
(face to face combat) and Kapap tactical expert.
NRA shooting instructor .
Spaikey instructor, for self-defense.


As the CEO of ISAK company (Israeli Army Knives), designed and manufactured the three military
knives models: Black, Blue & Red that chosen by the Israeli Swat - YAMAM .

Area and G'ifaot

As a person who love the outdoor , Eyal joined professional hunters while living a few years in Africa and learned from them the art of survival. Out of this passion in addition to his work with special units around the world and understanding the needs of a warrior, the idea of starting a company for marketing tactical and professional equipment was born.

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